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Plumbing Services

Better Value Plumbing and Heating plumbers, are dispatched from our office where you will always speak to a customer service representatve. For routine repairs we will schedule a visit as quickly as possible with your availability in mind. If you have an emergency, you can count on our after hours service plumber anytime of the day or night. We even come over on a holiday in the middle of the night if the problem can’t wait. Our repair services cover most everything:

• Clogged drains • No water  • Leaky Faucets • Broken Fixtures  • Water Heaters  • Flooded Basements • Frozen Lines • UV & Filters • Backflows • Water Treatment & Filtration



If you want to replace an old faucet or install water-saving fixtures, our plumbers can help. We install all major brands, and we’re happy to help you select the right fixtures for your decor and budget. Our workmanship is meticulous, but our prices are reasonable.


If you’re redoing your bath or kitchen or putting an addition on your house, Better Value Plumbing can handle all the plumbing work, including design. We’ll help you select high-quality fixtures and install them with great attention to detail. Our plumbers can handle everything.


Better Value Plumbing solves water quality problems with advanced filtration and purification systems that remove impurities and eliminate problems like discoloration, hardness and unpleasant odors. We diagnose a customer’s water to identify the problematic contaminants, then recommend the most suitable solution.

Backflow Installation Testing and Service

We take backflow very seriously. We stay current on all licensing and code requirements. From ½” household to 6” commercial, we can perform a needs assessment as required by City bylaw, with a visit to your establishment at your convenience. We install backflow preventers to the strict code requirements and perform annual testing on systems we install and on existing units.

Pumps – Well and Lake Draw Systems

Better Value is listed on the Ministry of Environment website under “Well Contractors” and “Well Technicians”
Avoid costly government issued fines, and ensure the job is done correctly by always making sure your pump technician is properly licensed and insured.
Our technicians are MOE certified to install, service, and upgrade your pump and pressure system. We take your water seriously and believe in safe drinking water for both our generation and future generations to come. We are trained to diagnose and repair or replace your pump right from the water source to the pressure tank.

Drain Service

Clogged or slow drains are never fun. Call us for fast and efficient drain clearing. Whether it is an overflowing toilet or a full house blockage, we will send a plumber with the right tools for the job. We can snake your drains and even locate where the problem occurs. For more complex drain issues, we can arrange to camera and inspect the drain for a more accurate diagnosis.



Older commercial boilers if not updated or replaced, can be susceptible to pressure build up. If your boiler bursts or ruptures, it is not only dangerous for staff on site, you could be in for a pricey cleanup.

Boilers can cause massive property damage if not properly monitored. Boilers can also suffer from corrosion, and end up costing you more in energy bills. We can ensure that your boiler is properly maintained, and can do emergency repairs when you need them.


We can help size, install, and service your grease and oil interceptors. We can clear blocked and slow drains.
Restaurants require their kitchens to work hard for them. At Better Value we understand that you need your interceptor to work every day. Our maintenance packages will ensure reliable sink and dish pit drainage.




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